Periodontitis Treatment Using Laser

Laser gum treatment is performed with the goal of fixing gum conditions like periodontitis. Periodontitis occurs when gingivitis is left untreated. Gingivitis can occur for any number of reasons including: poor oral care, smoking, genetic predisposition, systemic diseases, due to diabetes and more. Periodontitis results in the decay of gum, bone and tooth tissues and can cause teeth to fall out when it is in an advanced stage. Periodontitis can be classified as aggressive, complex or necrotizing.

During your periodontal laser surgery, your local Campsie dentist will use a special laser to access and eliminate inflamed gum tissues affected by periodontitis. These tissues are located around the base of the tooth. When the infected tissue has been successfully removed, scaling of the root tissue will commence. Calculus and plaque will be scraped from below the gumline and the areas in proximity to the root of a tooth. Finally, the root of the tooth will be smoothed to prevent build-up of bacteria in the future.

The advantages of laser gum treatments for periodontitis include:

  • A less invasive procedure with minimal bleeding caused.
  • Reduced post-operative risk of infection, due to bacteria elimination.
  • Faster healing and recovery.
  • Safer than cutting and grafting for people suffering from diabetes, HIV or haemophilia.

Other Gum Diseases

Other gum conditions that can be treated using dental laser technology include: frenulum conditions, gingivitis when crowns are simultaneously required, abscesses, fibromas (tumours), herpetic lesions, canker sores and during implant recovery if mouth tissues are pressing on an implant and causing discomfort.

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