Invisalign and Traditional Braces

Crooked teeth can lead to self-consciousness and low self esteem. Participants with straighter teeth tend to perform better in job interviews and have greater self-confidence. No matter how crooked they are, we can straighten your teeth using Invisalign or traditional braces treatment.

Invisalign retainers are fitted to the mouth during a preliminary screening. Braces are also fitted after a diagnosis of the teeth. Both treatments require digital imaging to produce a framework for the teeth straightening devices. Follow-up appointments will be required when teeth straightening treatments are applied to make sure the devices are doing their job properly and to allow for adjustments to be made.

Teeth Straightening

Are your teeth crooked or out of place? Do you want to improve your smile to gain more confidence and improve your career prospects? If this is you, then it’s worth paying a visit to Campsie Laser Dental for a consultation about teeth straightening. We supply Invisalign and dental braces treatments to patients of all ages to help them achieve a perfect smile.

Invisalign Sydney Inner West

If you live in Sydney’s Inner West, near to Campsie, call Campsie Laser Dental to book a preliminary consultation for Invisalign treatment. The friendly dentist will take digital images of your mouth and ship those off to a lab where your clear plastic, custom fitted Invisalign retainers will be manufactured. You will receive a new set of retainers in the mail every two weeks as your teeth begin to adjust and fall into their proper place. Follow up appointments will take place every four to six weeks to ensure no complications are present and that the technology is doing its job to correct your smile.

Invisalign retainers must be worn 20-22 hours each day to ensure the teeth are restored to their proper position in the allotted time frame. The longer the retainers are worn each day, the shorter the time will be before a perfect smile is achieved again. Retainers should only be removed for eating and brushing. Make sure to clean the retainers regularly too because buildup of food detritus and other particles may inhibit the clear plastic aligners from working.

Dental Braces Treatment

Traditional metal braces are generally used when the condition of the teeth is too serious for an Invisalign treatment to work. Metal brackets are fastened to the molars at the back of the mouth and the “braces” are affixed to the front teeth. A metal wire is threaded through the braces and fixed to the metal brackets on the molars. Dentists will tighten the braces during follow-up checkups as the teeth begin to correct their position.

Braces can be slightly uncomfortable to wear, so Invisalign treatments are becoming more and more popular. Patients with braces may not eat chewy or gummy foods because they can pull at the wire and remove it from its fastenings. Braces must be cleaned very regularly or food buildup can occur which can lead to tooth decay and gum disease. Brushing after every meal is strongly recommended.

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